My name is Christopher, and this is my blog! I am very interested in all types of art. It can range from paintings, to photography, to design, to film, etc.

I am a practicing photographer, designer and film producer/editor.

When working with photography, I am interested in studio based work. I like being able to have control over my subject, and the environment surrounding it. Originally I have only worked with digital photography, but over the past 2 years, I have migrated away from digital and I work more with analog. My favourite photography is black and white. The reason why I like black and white photography is because it tells a story. It’s something that makes you think, and not just glance at the photo.

As a designer, this is more of a freelance, hobby that I have. I am not the greatest at it, but I have done some works that have ben published. I have created some logos for businesses, and within that business, I have had ads published in magazines.

As a film producer/editor, I love doing this type of work. In the past I have created documentaries, which two of them have been entered in film festivals and won first prize both times. I really enjoy working with fil, because there is are endless possibilities with film. Since I have been in university, I haven’t made many films, but this semester, I have been talking with a couple of different employers to so freelance work for them.



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