The Rain Room – to what appears to be the greatest exhibition ever at the Barbican history, was one of the greatest and most peaceful exhibitions to go to. People queued for almost 12 hours just to witness and experience an incredible attraction. According to the Barbican, The Rain Room had over 77,000 excited people to enter that room. The idea of The Rain Room was to create a waterfall from the ceiling, and when there was any type of motion the rain would stop. There were sensors located throughout the ceiling and when it detected any type of movement, the area in which you were in, would not rain. The work itself makes use of a total 2,000 litres of water.

People are making an exhibition within the exhibition, in a sense that people become part of the installation. The exhibition is like a magnet and it pulls people into the room. You are using your body to interact with the installation. You are moving through it and using your body as the interface to experience it. Sometimes the rain inside of it works like digital rain, you don’t really see it. The rain makes you want to move your body inside it so you are testing to see where the droplets are coming from and gives you an idea of massive space, and has a behaviour that makes you move. You become a performer, essentially, throughout the installation.