Within this project I have tried to capture a snapshot type feel through a man’s eye. These women are giving everyday expressions that not everyone understands, at least in my opinion. In a way this project has helped me presently and will help me in the future to help understand woman’s expressions. Even though these types of expressions could have been used with men, I didn’t want to work with males. They work better with women because; the stereotypical man does not see these types of expressions. Expression is defined as a thought communicated by language or gesture. All of these women are giving gestures to help exemplify their expression.

These photographs are me exploration, as a man, of the emotions that woman convey through subtle changes in body language. By photographing these women I’m able to capture and observe these cues that I tend to overlook and in that way better understand them.

When working on this project, I had to really intellectually think about a way to go about this, without offending the subjects. When telling the subjects about the project, I initially told them that I was trying to capture everyday expressions. It was very difficult to capture my vision with the way I was asking them to pose. So I told them to act very natural. I told them to talk to me, or to talk with the other person that was in the room. As they were engaging with me or others, I was able to capture, true emotions. Emotions, gestures and expressions that was not forced, but natural. This is what I wanted.

When thinking about a way to display my work, it was quite difficult. I think it was because I was trying to make it difficult. I was thinking of different ways of hanging the images, or different objects to put the pieces on (i.e. chairs, tables, in picture frames, etc). When I was looking at them critically, I had placed them on the wall in the order that I wanted them and realized, why not be simple and hang them on the wall, with a slim white border. Sometime simple can be better.