1. In the first paragraph Smithson observes of Judd’s audience, ‘They either wonder where the ‘art’ went or where the ‘work’ went, or both.’ Explain this observation.
    1. Judd is creating a new medium of art that not everyone is used to. The way that he uses the space is very different, because its not a sculpture, but its not wall art. It is something that you can walk around to get the full feel. There is the curiosity of where the art actually went.
  1. In the second paragraph, Smithson claims that matter not motion has become Judd’s primary concern. What does he mean?
    1. The installations that he has are in an enclosing space. He has a solid mass that you have to move around. The space in Judd’s art seems to belong to an order of increasing hardness, not unlike geological formations.
  1. How useful is this text for the questions of what artists do?
    1. People look at something, and they see art. Judd challenged people with this idea by having people analyse his artwork and find the art within. Art is about questioning art, and questioning the world.
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